Trying Again - Relisting Your Home

Sometimes homes just don’t sell during their first listing.  If that happens, blame gets spread around:  the market, the realtor, the neighbors…even the alignment of the planets!  Truth be told (almost) any of those can cause a home to not sell. 

What Yvonne does when brought a listing that didn’t sell the first time is look at a few likely suspects. 

As you might expect, she starts with the price.  Sometimes the reason a home doesn’t sell is it is simply priced too high for the market.  But equally likely is the price bracket is off.  For example, pricing your home at $399,900 might seem like a good idea since all those nines make it seem a lot less than $400,000.  But if the people in the market for your home are searching for price ranges from $400,000 to $425,000 your house won’t even be seen!  So she examines the market and helps you decide whether the “nines” are the way to go, or whether you are missing out on potential buyers that can be found with only a small change in price.

Often a reason a home doesn’t sell is as simple as the photos don’t show it to its best advantage.  Maybe they were taken on a cloudy day, or from a smartphone by an agent and posted as-is.  Or they were actually taken by a professional, but a photographer who mainly does weddings rather than homes.  You might be surprised to see the significant difference a set of professional photos from an experienced home photographer (like the ones Holland Homes uses) can make in a Buyer’s initial impression of your home.  Good photos can excite Buyers, drive more traffic to your home, and maybe get a visit from someone who overlooked your home the first time around.

With photos comes staging.  (That’s where furniture, rugs, and decorations in a home are rearranged - or removed - to show a home at its best to someone not living there.)  Holland Homes provides free consultation with a professional stager for all listings, because it can make a huge difference in how people perceive a home.   A humorous take on staging . . . and photos . . . gone terribly wrong can be seen here at Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos.

These are likely suspects . . . others such as when during the year it is offered for sale, whether it is owner-occupied or not, how it was marketed, etc. also play into the analysis of why a home didn’t sell the first time ‘round.  Regardless of the reasons, Yvonne will work with your to figure out what might need to change to better position your home to sell quickly when it is relisted.

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