Selling Your Home




Simple:  sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time.  When I develop marketing plans for selling your home I start with keeping in mind your goals, your neighborhood, and your competition.  And being flexible to change as required. So whether you want to just know the value of your home in today's market, or are ready to actually sell, contact me and we'll get together to develop the best marketing plan for your home.



I also provide complementary professional home staging consultation for all of my listings.   Home staging is more than just straightening up.  It does involve cleaning and removing clutter, but also arranging, adding, and removing furniture, pictures, and accessories to emphasize your home's beauty.  And don't discount the value of a professional "second set of eyes" who can tell you just what will go through a potential buyer's mind when visualizing your property as their future home.  Depending on the situation the consultation may be with me (I'm a certified Accredited Staging Professional®) or with another staging professional I work with and trust.
*”Accredited Staging Professional” is a registered trademark of®



You'll get complementary professional photography of the interior and exterior of your home that we’ll use in our marketing campaign.  Like staging, the f​irst visual impressions of a home - often online - is essential to driving and maintaining interest.  As the Washington Post has said:  ". . . homes with photos taken using a professional camera typically fetch more money and sell faster."  I'll show you some examples of my photographer's past work, including use of high-dynamic-range techniques that really show off your home in its best light.