CMAs - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

One of the many things Yvonne can provide you is a snapshot of the local housing market.  This is known as a competitive (or comparative) market analysis - or a “CMA”.  For sellers they provide guidance on choosing a listing price, while for buyers they help inform making a competitive offer. 

It isn’t just “what sold nearby recently”.  Our CMAs go beyond simple listing data such as how many bedrooms and baths and take into account things like recent upgrades, the home’s condition, drive-up appeal, livability in the home and the community, and more.  Many times this kind of information isn’t available from a database or listing notes - an agent has have to actually know the neighborhoods and their histories and take that into account when developing a CMA.  Fortunately, Yvonne knows her stuff so her CMA isn't just a stab in the dark but a targeted price. 

If you would like a no-obligation CMA prepared for your home to see if now is a good time to place it on the market, contact Yvonne and she'll be happy to create one for you.

(703) 774-4667

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