Yvonne Gives Back

Yvonne will donate up to 3% of her portion of the commission resulting from the sale or purchase of your home to one of the below listed Eligible Charities.


These are charities that Yvonne and her family have supported themselves, and she feels provide important work in our communities.  Yvonne will donate to whichever Eligible Charity you select.  All you have to do is let her know which charity you want to support before the close of the transaction.  That's it!  It's an easy way to help these groups continue to provide their services to people and animals who need help during difficult times in their lives.

Make sure to talk to Yvonne about this offer when signing her up as your agent - whether buying or selling!

The Eligible Charities

Loudoun Hunger Relief helps those who are struggling to make ends meet with food assistance.  They provide fresh groceries for the whole family, plus they can help find further assistance to meet other needs through their network of partners.  Loudoun Hunger Relief is often the first place families seek out for help during times of need.

The Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (or more commonly known as LAWS) provides free, confidential services to adults and children who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.  Their goals are to empower, inform and advocate for adults and children; to educate the community about domestic violence and sexual assault; and to work towards the elimination of personal and societal violence

The Loudoun Habitat for Humanity organization has spent over 20 years helping provide affordable housing to families in need in Loudoun County.  Habitat homes are in neighborhoods throughout Loudoun including Sterling, Ashburn, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Purcellville, Middleburg and Round Hill.  The Habitat model does not give away houses. It offers a HAND-UP not a HAND OUT to families through homes that are financed with no profit affordable loans.

The Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue organization saving the lives of thousands of homeless and abandoned pets each year.  They rescue dogs and cats facing euthanasia in overcrowded shelters, and place them for adoption in loving homes.

The Details

The specifics of Yvonne Holland's donations under this offer will be as and to the extent specified in your listing agreement (if selling) or your representation agreement (if buying).  In general:

  • Yvonne will donate up to 3% of her portion of the commission resulting from the transaction where she acts as your real estate agent to one of the "Eligible Charities".  The actual percentage will be as specified in your listing agreement/representation agreement and will be influenced by the overall commission percentage and value of the transaction.

  • The Eligible Charities are as listed on yholland.com, and Yvonne reserves the right to modify the list over time.  

  • Yvonne will, within sixty days after Yvonne is actually paid her full commission by her broker on your transaction, donate to the Eligible Charity you select and advise her of in writing (to include email) prior to the close of the transaction.  If you do not select one, or if the selected one no longer accepts donations, Yvonne will choose the Eligible Charity.  

  • Where the Eligible Charity allows it, the donation will be noted as having been given in your honor unless you request in writing that the donation be anonymous.  

  • Because Yvonne will be making the payment directly, the donation will not be deductible by you for tax purposes.

  • Yvonne takes no responsibility for the Eligible Charity's use of the donation.

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